Our professional staff consists of experienced Licensed Opticians. They are available to guide you through deciding on the best frame and lenses. Our lab is on the premises and is equipped with the latest technology.

We use high quality Essilor lenses which are available in single vision, bifocal, Varilux progressive, transitions, high index, anti-glare coating and polarized.

Here are examples of the different types of lenses we use:

  1. Progressive Lenses – these are lenses that provide for long distance viewing through the top portion (driving, spectator sports, other), intermediate viewing through the middle area (computer screen, car dashboard), and up close viewing through the bottom (reading). Unlike the original tri-focal lens, the Progressive lens shows no visible line between each section and feature a continuous, clear field of vision from distance through the mid-range to near providing more natural vision.
  2. High Index lenses – these are the thinnest and lightest weight lenses available, best cosmetic appearance and ideal for stronger prescriptions.
  3. Computer Lenses – ideal for office and desk work involving reading and computer use.
  4. Transitions lenses – conveniently adapt to changing light, reduce sunglare for better comfort, protect from harmful UV rays.
  5. Crizal anti-glare coating – superior glare, scratch and smudge protection; optimal for driving and computer use; most complete UV protection.
  6. Xperio UV lenses – 100% frontside UVA/UVB protection, better safety by eliminating dangerous glare, more comfortable vision outdoors.